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How do the cat visitations work?

There is a visitation fee per person to enter the cat lounge. Visitors are allowed a specified number of minutes with our feline residents to play, cuddle and sip. You may purchase a drink or snack to enjoy while in the cat lounge during your session. We suggest arriving 15 minutes early to browse the menu and grab a drink or
paw-stry or other cat themed snack.


What should I expect when I get there?

When it’s time to visit, come around to the front of the building, ring our snazzy new doorbell and check in. We’ll make sure we have your reservation and waivers signed in our system. We’ll also review our house rules and catiquette with you and answer any questions you may have. You are welcome to hang out on the front porch until your time has been called if you’d like! You will enter our vestibule and sanitize your hands prior to admittance. We will ask you if you’d like to place a drink or snack order. Once inside, you can take your shoes off and place them into one of the cubbies in our shoe caddy if you’d like. We recommend simply sitting down and letting the cats come to you (don’t worry, they will)! Our cat lounge is where our adoptable kitties call home, and you can expect them to be doing all the normal activities they would do at your furrever home; such as playing, climbing, eating and napping, lots of napping. Sometimes the cat room may be full of cat-action, and other times it may be all zen and quiet. There is plenty to enjoy in both scenarios.


Where do we park?

We are very fortunate here on the Esplanade to have ample parking directly behind our café! Alternatively, we have a few spots directly in front of our building, as well as two on the side of the café.


I have to take off my shoes??

Guests are encouraged but not required to remove their shoes upon entering the cat lounge. We try to maintain a clean and healthy environment for our café cats and throughout the day your shoes can pick up a whole host of germs and dirt. Also, it is very hard to tell if a cat tail or arm is under your foot when wearing shoes until it’s too late. Removing the shoes allows for less danger to the cats. It also allows for more comfortable cat snuggling 🙂

What if I didn’t bring socks?

We require all guests in the cat lounge to cover their feet with socks if they remove their shoes. If you did not bring socks with you, you can also purchase socks in our Boutique – we have some adorable socks!

How many cats will be in the cat lounge area?

There will be approximately 12 kittens in our cat lounge at any given time, all available for adoption.

How many people are in the cat room at one time?

Typically there are up to 12 people in the cat lounge during each session and the number will vary with the number of felines, to give all equal opportunity for quality time with the kitties. Just as with a restaurant, seating within the cat lounge is spaced to allow distance between your party and other guests.


My cat and I love coffee – can I bring him/her with me?

This is the question (or statement) we hear the most - "I can’t wait to come and bring my little Fluffy!". Please do not bring your own cat - we will have plenty! Our cats are carefully screened for illnesses and we cannot accommodate outside cat guests. Please just bring photos of your furries to add to our walls! The Great Catsby Cat Café and Lounge serves as a temporary foster home for kittens who are waiting to be adopted. We make sure to only have the number of cats that can roam comfortably and stress-free in the space we have, we ensure all cafe cats are up-to date on vaccinations, and have been eased into the cat cafe environment. We cannot accommodate new, unfamiliar cats coming in and out of the cafe daily. This is for the protection (and sanity) of our guests and cafe cats. Our Cafe is strictly for cats and kittens looking for their forever


Do I have to pay to pet cats?

Yes, you must pay the admission fee for entry. The Great Catsby is almost entirely funded through our cat lounge visits. Each entry fee allows us to continue our mission of fostering and finding homes for kittens. While some may think it’s silly to “pay to play”, your support is used to care for rescue cats and the attendants who keep them safe and healthy.

Are reservations required?

Yes, Cat Lounge reservations are REQUIRED. We are so grateful that there are tons of people that want to visit small businesses like ours, especially on the weekends. As such, all of the cat lounge hangouts are usually booked up in advance and walk-in availability is extremely rare. Reservations are the best way to guarantee your spot as we only allow 12 people per hour in the cat lounge. Make a Reservation