What should I expect when I get there?

When it’s time to visit, come around to the front of the building, ring our snazzy new doorbell and check in. We’ll make sure we have your reservation and waivers signed in our system. We’ll also review our house rules and catiquette with you and answer any questions you may have. You are welcome to hang out on the front porch until your time has been called if you’d like! You will enter our vestibule and sanitize your hands prior to admittance. We will ask you if you’d like to place a drink or snack order. Once inside, you can take your shoes off and place them into one of the cubbies in our shoe caddy if you’d like. We recommend simply sitting down and letting the cats come to you (don’t worry, they will)! Our cat lounge is where our adoptable kitties call home, and you can expect them to be doing all the normal activities they would do at your furrever home; such as playing, climbing, eating and napping, lots of napping. Sometimes the cat room may be full of cat-action, and other times it may be all zen and quiet. There is plenty to enjoy in both scenarios.